Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Nutrition & Wellness Coaching for?

Everyone can benefit from having their own nutrition & wellness coach. Even coaches have coaches (including myself)! It is for anyone looking to make a positive change in their lifestyle. It is for clients interested in:

  • Eating better
  • Looking better
  • Feeling better
  • Improving their health
  • Losing body fat
  • Experiencing body recomposition

Will you give me a specific diet?

In short, no. You can call me a nutritional "agnostic" if you like. I don't believe there is a single "best diet" for every person to follow, always, and forever. As you can imagine, people are so diverse: some are tall and thin, others short and stocky; some love meat, and others eat no meat; some are students on an incredibly low budget, and others are well-off professionals with an unlimited budget. You get the picture. So, the best diet to follow is the one that's best for you. One that you can actually follow on your worst day, not just your best. One that takes into account your lifestyle differences, including: family, life demands, stress level, work situation, travel, income, cooking experience & knowledge, food availability, cultural preferences, time availability, etc. I will listen to your needs, what you want to accomplish, how you want to live, and what's really important to you. Then, together, we will create the right dietary approach for you. One that is specific to your goals and lifestyle. One that is doable long-term.

If you don't give me a meal plan, then what do you offer?

Instead of giving you a meal plan to follow, I use habit-based coaching. Habit-based coaching is grounded in the practices of change psychology. That is, it's based on the science of what actually helps people learn new skills and make change in their lives. I take into account things like your unique schedule, priorities, belief system, food preferences, food tolerances, and more. Of course, I do believe that a healthy diet generally consists of:

  • Whole, nutrient-packed foods
  • Minimally processed foods
  • Lots of plants!
  • Enough lean protein to meet your needs
  • A mix of different kinds of healthy fats
  • Water and more water
  • Carbohydrates based on your activity level
I will guide you through lessons, assignments, and daily habits to:
  • Help you find the right mix & quantity of all these foods for your goals, lifestyle, and preferences.
  • Show you how to make meals suitable for them.
  • And help you stay consistent.
Habit-based coaching is better than any diet-based coaching. I use a progression model which will build habits intelligently and sustainably over time, giving you lasting results. Long-term nutrition HABITS surpass any diet "rules." Always. Contact me if you have any questions!

What does Wellness Coaching look like?

We go much deeper than just the food. Throughout our time together, we will dive into:

  • Food behaviours (food timing, meal frequency, meal speed, and food amount).
  • Food attitudes (views, restrictions vs abundance, disordered thinking).
  • Stress management.
  • Recovery, rest, and sleep.
  • Outlook (confidence, resiliency, mastery, and growth mindset) -my personal favourite area of wellness coaching!

Why do I have to commit for three months?

Since the ultimate goal is to create lasting results, which doesn't happen overnight (or 14 days for that matter), I require a minimum 3-month commitment to ensure you get the most out of the program. I do not support fad diets or quick fixes. Anchored Lifestyles Nutrition & Wellness Coaching offers a 1-year program that guarantees you results, or your money back. I can say this without hesitiation because I'm confident I will deliver for you. If you hit the 3-month (or 6-month, or 9-month) mark and decide it's enough time, simply let me know! However, I encourage all clients to make the commitment to yourself and follow the full program to "the end" for massive results. If you’re not willing to invest in yourself for at least three months, then your chances of lasting success with any approach is minimal.
You are worthy of your desires. And I can help you to believe it.

How long is the program?

The nutrition & wellness program delivers healthy eating and lifestyle habits over 50 weeks. Why a full year? This is about building habits over a longer period of time to promote confidence and long-term sustainability. Transformation is inevitable using this approach - you will experience some awesome results!

Is a workout plan included in the Nutrition & Wellness Coaching?

Clients who work with a fitness trainer in person while receiving nutrition coaching not only see quicker results, but also feel stronger, fitter, and more confident in their body. Clients who are apart of the Nutrtion & Wellness Coaching program receive 15% off in-person 1-on-1 fitness training. You tell me your fitness goals, and I'll help you reach them. I've helped clients increase strength, get leaner, and learn how to move well. Contact me today to get started!

Is this only about weight loss?

Do you want to lose weight? If yes, then yes. If no, then no. Ultimatly, Anchored Lifestyles is about creating change. What you change is up to you! Many people want to eat better and be more consistent in the way they care for their bodies. Through the Nutrition & Wellness Coaching program, I give you the tools, strategies and accountability to build foundational healthy habits to help you make absolutely any change you desire, whether that is about body composition, relationship with food, improved strength & fitness, mindset, or anything in between!